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Water curtain caves

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

Water curtain cave is the most peculiar and representative scenic spots in Huaguo Mountain. It is also the prototype of the hometown of Sun Wukong in Journey to the West. Before the writing of The Journey to the West, Water curtain cave was already famous. There are vivid and detailed descriptions in 36 scenic spots in Yuntai Mountain by Ming Guqian, travel notes by Zhang Chaorui, etc, and various local documents about it. There are the inscribed words “high mountain and water” carved by an official Wang Tong in 1544. There are also some other words such as “divine spring moist everything”, and “spirit spring”. As is told by Journey to the West, “the waterfall falls from the sky just like white rainbow, the white wave splashes……the slowly flowing famous waterfall likes a curtain”.