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The Yunv Peak

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

The Yunv Peak rises above sea level 624.4 meters and is the highest hill in Jiangsu province. As is said in A Supplement of Yuntai Mountain: “two peaks rise high in Yuntai Mountain, the east one is called “Qingfeng” (light breeze) hill, and the west one is called “The Yunv Peak, the main peak of Yuntai Mountain”. The fairy came from the heaven and went to the mundane world for love. The thirtieth chapter said that Huaguo Mountain is connected to the “shampoo basin of the fairy”. You can see the relics and carved stone about the shampoo basin of the fairy in the southeast of the mountain. According to the legend, when cloud and mist flow in the sky, a graceful and enchanting fairy posture will appear at the peak of the Huaguo Mountain.