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Sanyuan Palace

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

Sanyuan Palace is located at the center of Sanyuan Palace architectural group, Huaguo Mountain, with carved beams and painted rafters. According to records, it originated from Tang dynasty (AD618- AD 907), rebuilt in Song dynasty (AD960- AD 1279), given reward and expanded in Ming dynasty (AD1368- AD1644), and repaired in Qing dynasty (AD1616- AD1912) with tens of thousands of pilgrims. It was bombed by the Japanese army in 1938, and destroyed by them the next year when Japanese army searched the mountain.  After “the Cultural Revolution”, it was restored with architecture style of Ming dynasty and now formed the temple group with Hanning temple as the main body. The current mountain door and the “rewarding the Sanyuan Palace protecting the country” door frame are relics from Ming dynasty.  Standing at the right side of the main entrance, you can see an ancient cypress planted in Song dynasty. The two gingko trees in the courtyard have a history of more than one thousand and one hundred years.