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Nine Dragons Bridge

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

Nine Dragons Bridge is so called because there are 9 streams in the mountain like 9 dancing dragons gathering under the bridge. At that time, the masses all believed that the dragon was the god. Thus some pilgrims would have a rest on the bridge to be influenced by the longevity of the dragon and then went to the mountain to pray to the Buddha. As a result, the bridge is also called Wanshou( thousands of longevity) bridge. A legend goes like this there are 10 dragons in Huaguo Mountain originally, 9 of which live in the mountain. In order to prevent the invasion of outsiders, they assigned the most capable condor dragon to guard on the east of the mountain. There is still Tulong(condor dragon) mountain in Shandong village, where sits symmetrical mountain springs which are the ears of the dragon in the fairy tale. We can see southward on the bridge  the distant Shandong village.

Beside Nine Dragons Bridge is located a gingko with a history of more than a thousand years. The broad branches extend to the body of the bridge, giving shade all over the bridge and serving as a ideal place for the visitor to have a rest.