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A Path with Ink Fragrance

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

The unique path with ink fragrance is natural art steles, integrating natural beauty with artistic beauty, which is rare in other places in the country.

The works of modern calligraphers are carved on many natural stones, thus the name “a path with ink fragrance”. Entering the path, you will be intoxicated by the calligraphy works on 104 natural stones. The character shows its elegance because of the stone, while the stone shows its spirit because of the character. Characters with different typeface and charm compete here. The authentic work of masters such as Qi Gong, Shen Peng, Li Kuchan, Sha Menghai, Lin Sanzhi, Wu Zhongqi, Fan Zeng, Shu Tong, Li Shuyi, Xiao Xian, Li Yimang, and Guo Huaruo make here a better place.