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  • The Distant Town’s Torrent
  • The Yunv Peak
  • Water curtain caves
  • Sanyuan Palace
  • “Shen” Character King
    A huge “Shen” character lies on a huge rock, called Shen character king. The character is 39.4 meters long, 15.8 meters wide and 0.6 meters deep, the biggest single Chinese character inscriptions on precipices. In 1996, it was chosen into the Guin...
  • Wu Cheng’en Memorial Hall
    It was originally a place for visitors to taste the tea and have a rest, and now it is Wu Cheng’en memorial hall. There are the biography of Wu Cheng’en, various versions of Journey to the West in the world and the works of experts and scholars st...
  • Maogong Tablet
    Chairman Mao was erudite and informed. He had ever talked about the Huaguo Mountain in Xinhailian city (changing into Lianyungang city in 1961) of Jiangsu province three times with the leader of Jiangsu province and Xinhailian city respectively in 195...