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The 2012 Huaguo Mountain Activities of Ten Thousand People’s Mountain Climbing Fitness and Treasure Hunt have been Held Successfully

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

The other day Huaguo Mountain scenic spot has successfully held the 2012 Huaguo Mountain activities of ten thousand people’s mountain climbing fitness and treasure hunt. Teng Wen, the deputy mayor, attended the launch ceremony. With the command, near ten thousand phalanx players, including Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Lianyungang City, Ke Lilin Limited Liability Company, Kang Yuan Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Port Group Company Limited, Qu Mei Furniture Store and Jiangsu Suntory Beverage & Foods Company Limited, rushed to run towards the scenic spot, which fired the fitness desire for a lots citizens and tourists, and detonated weekend traveling peak of Huaguo Mountain scenic spot.

Huaguo Mountain scenic spot is thinking highly of market oriented model all the time in the recently years. For the sake of further enhancing popularity and fine reputation of the scenic spot, a variety of activities have been held in succession, which gained lots of compliments of tourists and citizens. This activity is closely around the theme of “Health、Happiness、Climbing、Surpassing” , and set many rich awards near the Yunu Peak, Bizarre Rocks Garden and Jiu Long Walkways. As long as phalanx players found assigned prizes in the certain areas, they could win the corresponding big prize.

Management office of Huaguo Mountain scenic spot, Wang Zhenchang, Pan Dawei)