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The Trend of Self-driving Travel is Coming, Huaguo Mountain Scenic Spot Ushers in the First “Blowout Day” of Golden Week

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

This year, National Day Golden Week is another 8-day holidays, Mid-autumn festival and National Day are included. Yesterday’s Mid-autumn festival, a Chinese traditional festival of family reunion, was somehow affecting the tourists’ desire to travel. So, strictly speaking, today is the first day of National Day Traveling Golden Week.

Journalists have known that Huaguo Mountain scenic spot, served as the leading brand of our city, has received 53,100 tourists, which rose by 55.72% over the same period of last year, and tickets income has reached to 1,828,200 Yuan, rising by 42.83% over the same period of last year. This has set the highest record of tourism reception of Huaguo Mountain scenic spot over the same periods.

This year, as we all know that the state has cancelled the passing cost of the Highway about minibuses which have less than seven seats, so the trend of self-driving traveling can be anticipated. For this reason, the spot actively prepared enormous contingency plans and feasible measures. Aiming at hard parking, Huaguo Mountain scenic spot cleared 30,000 square meters temporary ecological parking lot, which doubled the bearing capacity of vehicles; imposed greater import and export controls; barricaded the streets and cleared the private channel for import and export; set up the partition of large-scale parking district; cordoned off the green belt; conducted the vehicles to park sleekly; invited the Public Security Sub-bureau of Yuntai Mountain scenic spot , the City Traffic Police Brigade and the City Armed Police Detachment to help commanding the road and checking papers and also be on duty in the essential scenic spots and public places, which protected the tourists and frightened the thieves.  Today it has received more than 4,000 cars, and there was still place of parking lot and bearing capacity of roads. In the future 2-5 days is the peak of travel of scenic spot, and large teams and middle-and-long tourists will come together, but we hold that we can do well in receiving tourists by implementing the strong measures, and insure the tourists tide steadily pass the rush hours.