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The Historical Record of the Tourism Reception Capacity of Huaguo Mountain Scenic Spot has been Refreshed

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

In October 2nd, the tourist reception capacity in Huaguo Mountain scenic spot has reached to 72,800, which see year-on-year rise of 92%, and tickets income has been up to 2.53 million Yuan, which see year-on-year rise of 75%, both hit the single-day record of the tourism reception capacity in the scenic spot. Under the impact of the policy adopted by the state that the passing cost of the Highway about minibuses which have less than seven seats should be cancelled during the legal holidays, today’s vehicles of self-driving traveling in the Huaguo Mountain scenic spot appeared the "blowout" phenomenon. According to incomplete statistics, single-day’s vehicles which have access to the scenic spot have overtaken one million for the first time. Although the scenic spot has increased new temporary parking lot of 30,000 square meters before the holiday, and also has formulated a detailed plan about the parking and the interception of vehicles, and traffic planning, it does not meet the actual demand of tourists’ parking. At 10 am today, the road to the mountains (St. Lake Road) in the scenic spot was very congested at one time, and after the jointly counseling of the Management Office of the Huaguo Mountain scenic spot, the Third Team of the City Traffic Police Detachment  and other departments, the road restore to unblocked after 2 hours.

According to the usual reception experience of the scenic spot, the peak of tourism of the scenic spot will continue to be ushered in the next 2 -- 3 day, therefore the Management Office of the Huaguo Mountain scenic spot, together with the City Traffic Police and Urban Management Department and other departments , has specially developed a project about the traffic management of the periphery of the scenic spot which plans to layout the temporary parking lots on both sides and the surrounding area of the St. Lake Road, thus to further expand the scenic area parking capacity.

(Huaguo Mountain scenic spot, Hu Weikai)