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The Activity of Mountain Pilgrimage and Buddhism Worship has been Held in Haining Temple of Huaguo Mountain Scenic Spot

Author:Huaguo Mountain scenic spot

May 17, the eighth day in April of the Chinese lunar calendar is an important festival of Sakyamuni’s birth, who is the hierarch of Chinese Buddhists. This day also can be called “The Day of Buddhist’s birth”. The baptism meeting has been held in Haining Temple of Huaguo Mountain scenic spot.

From four o'clock in the morning today, several hundred people from Henan, Shandong and other surrounding areas rushed to the Haining Temple of Huaguo Mountain scenic spot to participate in the baptism meeting one after another. Although Haining Temple has specially prepared for the participants of more than 300 sets of the Buddhism worship, there were still a lot of people did not receive the worship due to too many people. The activity of Buddhism worship was held in the mountain gate of the Huaguo Mountain, during which people worship every three steps to the palace of Haining Temple without stopping. After a long time worshiping, the participants said that Huaguo Mountain scenic spot, the hometown of Sun Wukong, not only has beautiful scenery but also makes people feel the courage and unyielding spirit of Sun Wukong. What’s more, since Sanyuan Palace has so long a history, they all chose to come to Huaguo Mountain scenic spot to participate in this baptism meeting.

This Buddhism worship activity in Huaguo Mountain scenic spot had a grand scale and a spectacular scene, and it was the first time in the scenic spot. During the whole period of the activity, the work staff did a good job to insure the security, the traffic in the area was very ordered, and everything went well.